Anticipate your client’s needs to increase your business

A good graphic designer intuitively knows what services and products a client likes, even before the need arises or they directly ask for them. Anticipating your clients’ needs proves to them that they are in the forefront of your thoughts and that you put them first. This is essential in the exponential growth of any business – proving to the clients that they are number one and you hold them in high esteem. Clients expect that you will not only offer solutions to immediate problems but anticipate new problems even before they arise. So, it is imperative to be ready with great suggestions.

To anticipate a client’s needs, you need only look at what your clients normally request throughout the year. This allows you to plan specifically for their needs at any given time of the year in earnest. Also, it is essential to look for seasonal project opportunities to increase your business. For example, you can offer graduation announcements in the spring, offer back to school sales flyers for small businesses in the late summer, and offer holiday cards for businesses and families. They may have never done all these before or they may be too busy to even think about them in time to get them out.

Apart from this, being proactive is another opportunity to demonstrate your value to the clients. Offering discount for an additional project that your client doesn’t normally do ingratiates you with them. In good faith, they will be more willing to pay your full rates the next time because of the wonderful job you did in the previous project.

It is important to avoid the stress of last minute jobs, by checking in with clients and suggesting ways to get started on their upcoming projects. This gives you ample time to prepare and get the job done accordingly.

Finally, you should consider payment options for additional projects. Your clients may have a strictly set budget for their marketing needs, and you might need to offer them the opportunity to pay in installment, over a specified period of time that you’re comfortable with. This may be a critical factor in getting a positive response to your suggestions.